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09 Nov 2015

Accessibility in the Home

Our goal is to give you insight into the flexibility of a wide assortment of individual solutions for residents in various types of homes and facilities – illustrated by concrete examples of layouts suitable for hotels, hospitals, assisted living facilities as well as private homes. Besides presenting suitable solutions, we provide you with key insights into the many possibilities with a wide range of products to design the optimal accessible layout for families. So get inspiration for your bathroom and […]

09 Nov 2015

Advisory Services

Our team at Accessible Homes Inc. can help you ease the process of home modification. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your existing one we can help you plan the universal and accessible design principles from the early planning stages of project.   Home Assessments Our in house ADA Consultant can conduct assessments to determine the modifications and design changes that will optimize accessibility, provide safety and help achieve maximum self-sufficiency.   Project Management We offer a […]

09 Nov 2015
At Accessible Homes we can build the multi-generational home

The Future of Aging

Technology, Lifestyle, Housing, and Health Care are all starting to work together, making a move toward Multi-generational Households. By 2030, 73 million Americans will be 65 and older while nearly 9 million will be 85 and older. Meanwhile, 70 percent of those who reach 65 will require long-term services and support, including help tasks like cooking and taking medications. These are facts and that is why at Accessible Homes Inc. we are trying to make Access a Way of Life […]