A Family of Caregivers

Caregivers Come in Several Forms

We always think of caregivers as nurses or maybe as a service that focuses on the need. It is becoming a more common occurrence that a spouse, an adult child, or sibling is providing this specialized care. As family plays an increasingly large role, all of us want to know how we can make our loved one independent, safe, and comfortable. Let us help reduce your stress.

Home Safety and Remodeling

Since most aging people choose to stay in their homes, a point in time may come in people’s lives where they need assistance in the home. The need for a ramp to get in the front door may become a reality. Motorized chair lifts that provide access to multiple floors may need to be installed.
Since most accidents happen in the bathroom there is often a priority for remodeling or home modifications. Many caregivers that come in the form of family members must make construction decisions for their parents’ home. I assure you that not everyone possesses this skillset of understanding construction or the nuances of aging requirements. It may come down to educating yourself, which is always a prudent decision. Since the construction process can be quite stressful, we are more than happy to provide information and solutions from our stable.

In-Law Suites

In some cases home modifications or remodeling will not allow the parents to stay in their homes. Adult children may choose to build In-Law Suites or additions to their homes. Similar to remodeling and home modifications, we can provide solutions.
product solutions for your shower area that make your entire bathroom safe

What We Do For You

We have product solutions for your shower area that make your entire bathroom safe. In most cases our products will replace the biggest physical barrier in the bathroom, the bathtub. Our products are designed to open up the entire bathroom space making the whole room seamless and barrier free. Our “European Wet Room, The Original Curbless Shower” is one of the best solutions for eliminating accidents in the bathroom since it removes dangerous obstacles like shower curbs or tubs. We have design oriented product solutions for all budgets. Reinvent your bathroom for tomorrow, today.

The Contractor and Other Experts

You should always contact an Occupational Therapist for a home modification consultation; they are experts in aging, disabilities, and understand the ergonomics inside a home. It is equally important to pick a contractor with experience. A licensed contractor in aging in place construction is certified as CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) or UDCP (Universal Design Certified Professional). Contractors should have a portfolio of jobs and referrals for aging in place and those home modifications.
This is an emerging construction field so it is important that you work with an educated contractor. It is also important that the contractor is familiar with all of the newest product trends beyond what home centers have to offer. Most home centers sell mass market products, not lifestyle solutions.

Why We Are Different

The correct product solutions are a key component in remodeling a bathroom for safety. We have provided decorative and fashionable bathroom product solutions for the bathroom since the 1980’s. We have taken that bathroom experience and have brought it to aging in place, the physically challenged, and to caregivers over 5 years ago. We source accessibility solutions globally to offer the newest and most effective products for aging loved ones. We will provide dialogue, information, and product ideas, allowing you to make educated decisions.
The new accessibility bathroom no longer has to be institutional, cold, and sterile. We provide more design oriented product solutions that include our curbless showers, barrier free modular surrounds, caregiver doors, and shower seats. We have product solutions for all budgets.

Call Us For Help

We have live people working in our offices (no phone menus). You may have many questions. You may have ideas, rough drawings, or even plans. Let us use our experience to work for you. We will do whatever we can to help you find the best product solution.
Contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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