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Curbless Showers For Design

A curbless shower is an important architectural element in the shower that creates a seamless look and opens the entire bathroom floor. It communicates the amount of effort that went into the bathroom design.

Our system allows the use of both large and small format tiles giving you many more design choices. We offer square and linear drains for a transitional style that works in any design.

The European Wet Room has been trending globally for the last 30 years. Europeans found it especially appealing since their bathrooms are generally small and were looking for a more functional floor area. The wet room frees up space while providing a very clean design.

Our team in England invented the “Original European Wet room”. We began making it available in the United States and Canada over five years ago. Fast forward to today and it is one of the most popular searches on HOUZZ. North America loves curbless.


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Tub To Shower Conversions

Nobody uses a bathtub anymore. Most of us prefer the shower experience. The tub to shower conversion is the most popular remodeling project nationally and everyone is going curbless. By waterproofing the entire area of the curbless shower and tub, you are creating one continuous bathing area. Adding a curbless shower allows you to remove the largest physical barrier in the bathroom, the bathtub.

The Construction Process

Our process for a wet room includes waterproofing the entire room, making the whole room usable space and safe. It only takes moderate skill level to install our construction system. A wet room is made of two simple components: a load-bearing structural shower pan and a waterproofing system. The shower pan is placed directly on the joists, replacing the subfloor. The shower pan is pre-pitched towards the drain for consistent water flow. The entire shower zone and bathroom floor are sealed with latex waterproofing. The entire room becomes your private bathing sanctuary.

New Construction

Homes are now built in a way that allows you to specify a wet room construction system with no problem. This offers a value proposition and better design. Our cost effective system was engineered to be installed during the construction process. The architect, designer, and builder can all collaborate with our team to utilize this global solution.

The Contractor

Our system has been utilized globally by contractors since 1980 with over 250,000 installations. Since this construction system is a paradigm shift in the United States, we are more than happy to discuss any details with your contractor. We have hundreds of installations all over North America. We have installation videos, progression shots, and detailed installation guides. Make sure you get the original European Wet Room. All of our products have been tested extensively. They are listed by IAPMO and ICC. We are fully recognized in the United States and Canada by the Uniform Plumbing Code and the International Plumbing Code.
See our square drain and linear drain choices in our inspiration gallery or download the product inspiration guide.

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