Physically Challenged

Physically Challenged

You Do Have Choices For Your Home

We offer the newest leading edge product solutions for the bathroom for those who need specialized and specific safety solutions. You now have more choices than ever.


Curbless Shower



We are offering the European Wet Room, a tiled curbless shower which eliminates the largest and most dangerous obstacle in the bathroom, the bathtub. The curbless shower opens up the room and makes a seamless transition on the floor expanding the usability of the bathroom. This construction system has been utilized globally for over 30 years as a healthcare solution, and is finally now seen as a design trend on HOUZZ.


Barrier Free Modular Showers

Barrier-Free Modular Shower Surrounds


Another marquee product line is the barrier free modular surround, a quick and effective tub to shower conversion. Our shower walls are supported by 3/8” thick plywood walls that allow you to place accessories anywhere; shower seats, hand rails, grab bars. It is fully customizable system to meet your needs.


Caregiver Doors



Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. These unique half height shower doors give a consumer with specific needs the ability to easily enter and exit the shower zone and offers privacy during showering if a caregiver is involved in bathing. This privacy gives the consumer a sense of dignity and self-respect during this private process. The caregiver doors can also be combined with our heavy weighted shower curtain for full privacy.


Walk-In Tubs



We offer walk-in tubs for those individuals who want the pleasure of a tub, but a safer entry and exit. We have soaking, whirlpool, and airjet options available.



Transfer Tubs

easy to get in and out of transfer tubs


Transfer tubs feature an integral ledge, allowing one to sit during the transfer process.


The Future of Ergonomic Accessories

ergonomic accessories for physically challenged


Manufacturers and retailers have always offered vanilla solutions for specific needs accessories; steel grab bars, white seats, and basic plumbing. We are breaking out of the traditional mold by offering grab bars in colored nylon, black rubber coated steel, ergonomic shapes. Our seats are becoming much more design oriented; new materials, different textures, new shapes. The new plumbing is thermostatic and temperature controlled to bring just you just the right feel; via your handheld shower or rainfall head. Shower screens are taking the place of shower curtains in some cases. We offer endless new possibilities!


Tub To Shower Conversions

Nobody uses a bathtub anymore. Since many accidents happen entering or exiting the bathtub, one of the more popular remodeling projects is the tub to shower conversion. The shower is a much friendlier environment and opens up the room and offers endless design possibilities. More useable space in your bathroom is one step in the right direction to meet your needs.



The Contractor and Other Experts



You should always access an Occupational Therapist for a home modification consultation; they are experts in disabilities and understand the ergonomics inside a home. Equally important is an educated contractor. A licensed contractor in aging in place construction is certified as CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) or UDCP (Universal Design Certified Professional). Contractors should have a history of jobs and referrals for those home modifications.

This is a new construction field so it is important that you work with an experienced contractor. It is also important that the contractor knows all the latest product solutions beyond what home centers have to offer. Most home centers sell mass market products, not lifestyle solutions.


We Offer The Newest Design Solutions For Your Bathroom

Technology changes constantly, as does everything else. Consumer product design and innovations are never stagnant either. There are new bathroom product solutions for specific needs that can change the dynamic of your bathroom and even change the design. They are trending towards style and improved functionality. We stay on top of product trends by constantly sourcing globally, especially from Europe, for new bathroom product solutions for specific needs. Bathrooms don’t have to be institutional, sterile, and cold to be functional. We can help you change your bathroom.


Call Us For Help

We have live people working in our offices (no phone menus). You may have questions. You may have ideas, rough drawings, or even plans. Let us use our experience to help you. We will work hard to help you find the best product solution.

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