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With the PATHWAY® Modular Access System, you can be confident that accessibility to your home will be provided correctly, completely, and safely. The Pathway Modular Access System is the perfect accessibility option for residential settings when you’re looking for something sturdier and more permanent than a portable ramp. This American-made modular system consists of ramps, stairs, and platforms, all of which may be combined and configured in a variety of ways to provide a customized fit to your home. Made of durable aluminum.

Product Features

Multiple Configurations
The Pathway Modular Access System allows for infinite modular ramp configurations, creating safe and seamless access for both standard and unique entryways.

Durable and Safe
The Pathway Modular Access System is made of high-strength aluminum which will not deteriorate from the outdoor elements and features a slip-resistant surface that maintains traction in any weather condition.

Quick Installation
The Pathway Modular Access System installs quickly, which means minimal disruption for you and your family. Typically, a 24-foot system can be installed, including handrails, in less that 30 minutes.

Aluminum Advantage
There are many advantages to the aluminum Pathway Modular Access System over its wooden counterparts. It is virtually maintenance free, it will not rot or rust, and its environmentally friendly.

Hassle-Free Design
The Pathway Modular Access System will not affect your home’s property value. The Pathway does not alter or add to the structure of the residence – no poured footers, no construction – just assembly.

Product Options

There are several options you can add to the PATHWAY® Modular Access System that are designed to address the accessibility needs of the residential market.

Available in sizes ranging from 8” to 59”, the adjustable stair provides an alternative access point, allowing for convenient entry for everyone that accesses the home.

Our manual gate provides additional safety at the top of the stairs or the beginning of a ramp run.

Landing Pad
The 54” x 54” surface provides a safe and solid landing at the bottom of a ramp run. Ideal for use when a ramp ends in the grass or other soft surface. The landing pad eliminates the need for pouring a concrete pad.

Angle Platform
This time-saving option allows for multi-dimensional angle changes and uses less space than traditional platforms. Handrails are included with the angle platform.



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