Barrier Free

Slimlift Counter Lift


SLIMLIFT Worktop Lift adjusts the height of the work surface on a straight wall. Worktops with a depth of 22″ – 31 1/2″ (56-80 cm) are mounted on the lift. The width can be adapted as required as the design permits the worktop to be mounted with an overhang of up to 4″ (10 cm) on either side of the lift. To obtain the best possible accessibility, the lift can be used without fronts.


The work surface is adjusted to the optimal height simply by pushing a button. Choose either a Mini control button which is installed under the worktop or optional remote control. The unit is connected to a standard household wall outlet mounted below the counter


Overload protection: If it is overloaded, the lift stops.
Safety buffer (accessory)  Installed under the front edge of the worktop When the buffer is touched, the lift




21.65", 29.5", 37.4", 45.3", 53.25", 61", 68.9", 76.8", 84.6", 92.5", 100.4"