Toilevator – Toilet Base Riser – add 3.5 inches in height 500 lbs max weight capacity

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Safe and affordable toilet elevation!

The Toilevator is safe and secure, and best of all only requires one time installation. When life dictates the need for an elevated toilet seat, the Toilevator Toilet Elevator provides a safe, economical and hygienic answer. A complete do-it-yourself kit, the Toilevator fits most North American round or elongated toilets and includes all the hardware you will need to easily and effectively install on your personal commode. The Toilevator acts as a spacer between the floor and toilet base, raising the entire toilet by almost 4 inches and virtually eliminating the need for cumbersome raised toilet seats or safety frames. The ultra-strong plastic resin base will not crack or bend, and can even be painted to match your bathroom decor. One of the best selling and highest quality bath safety devices on the market, buy your Toilevator Toilet Riser today from!

Toilevator Toilet Elevator Features:

  • Cost effective alternative to elevated toilet seats
  • Easy to install on both round or elongated commodes
  • American Disability Association compliant
  • Allows you to keep your current toilet seat
  • Composed of a PVC composite (resin) material
  • Available in standard and bariatric sizes
  • Cleaning and maintenance are a snap
  • Estimated installation time 30 minutes
  • Toilevator Brochure

Toilevator Toilet Elevator Specifications:

  • Maximum Weight Capacity:¬†500 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22.375″L x 11.4375″W x 3.5″H (Standard); 28″L x 14.25″W x 3.5″H (Grande)
  • Weight:¬†6 lbs (Standard); 9 lbs (Grande)
  • Color:¬†Standard: Gray; Grande: Off-White
  • Includes: One (1) Toilevator base, 1 soil pipe extension, 2 long closet bolts, 4 hexagon nuts, 4 flat washers, 2 plastic washers, 2 trim caps, 1 wax seal, an extended flexible water hose, and installation instructions