Barrier Free

Venti Shelving Lift


VERTI is mounted in new or existing wall cabinets from which the shelf and base have been removed. The shelves are lowered down to the work surface below. Available in sizes sizes of 12-35″ (31-91cm) and in depth of 10 3/8″ (26.5cm) Model 830  or 12″ (31cm) Model 831


The shelves are lowered down from the cabinet to the desired height simply by pushing a button. Choose between recessed control button or remote control.


A safety trip panel is located beneath the bottom shelf and it stops the lift moving when it meets the slightest resistance. The top is fitted with trip protection to prevent items which are too tall being placed on the top shelf. The unit is connected to a standard household wall outlet mounted above the cabinet.





12.5", 16.25", 20.25", 24.25", 28", 32", 36"