The Future of Aging

At Accessible Homes we can build the multi-generational home

Technology, Lifestyle, Housing, and Health Care are all starting to work together, making a move toward Multi-generational Households.

By 2030, 73 million Americans will be 65 and older while nearly 9 million will be 85 and older. Meanwhile, 70 percent of those who reach 65 will require long-term services and support, including help tasks like cooking and taking medications.

These are facts and that is why at Accessible Homes Inc. we are trying to make Access a Way of Life for the future. People want to be independent as long as possible and we can assist with that.

Once common in America, and still common in most of the world, multi-generational households fell out of favor in the years after World War II. Prosperity made it unnecessary on financial grounds, and new suburbs catered to “nuclear families,” not extended families.

The financial picture has changed, as more young adults marry later and find it difficult to get launched in careers, and as older adults live longer on reduced retirement incomes. Child-rearing is changing too. Soaring costs for housing and education make two incomes necessary.

Daycare can be expensive, often canceling out one partner’s paycheck. This rediscovery of the multi-generational household isn’t exactly new. Pew Research reported in 2010 that, “Since bottoming out around 1980, the multi-generational family household has mounted a comeback.”

What we see is that, in addition to hardship factors like job losses, many families are choosing the multi-generational household for social and personal benefits. They want a child reared by family, for example, rather than daycare or after-school care, they want grandparents around to share the family environment.

We want to provide an alternative to nursing homes when aging kicks in.

At Accessible Homes we can build the multi-generational home, build additions or renovate an existing home to accommodate this multi-generational living.

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